MexicoFIRST – Creating Economic Development through World-Class IT and BPO Certified Specialists
Mexico has one of the richest talent opportunities for IT services in the world, and it’s not only attractive for being a very convenient entry platform to the largest market in the world –it is also attractive for its fast growing internal IT sector worth currently over 12 billion dollars on its own.
To keep up on the quality of its services, Mexico has created a program called “MexicoFIRST” (M1). This program coordinates synergies between public funds, IT Companies and IT and BPO specialists as well as educational institutions, so that the Mexican talent pool receives extensive high-level training in order to achieve world-class industry standard certifications.

M1 coordinates and articulates federal and local public funds together with high-volume agreements by the leading global technology companies, so that IT and BPO students and professionals benefit from attractive conditions for both training and certification exams, sometimes at less than 20% of regular market price.


Mexico’s IT & BPO Growth Opportunity

IT + BPO Market Size (Internal + Exports)

US $12 billion

Internal Annual IT/BPO Sector Growth between 2011 and 2015


IT Clusters and Technology Parks Nationwide


Since the inception of the program in 2008, M1 has trained and certified 43,000 IT and BPO specialists and in 2012 will support another 25,000 students and professionals, so that the 60,000 goal will be reached one year earlier than the original target.

Program Highlights

Current World-class Companies offering IT certifications through M1


Total Goal 2008-2013 (certifications)


Yearly goal after 2013 (certifications)


In August 2012, MexicoFIRST hired Select, a Mexican IT consulting company, to conduct a study in order to follow the progress of IT professionals who obtained a certification through the MexicoFIRST program.

Results show the weighted average of multi-factor questions to companies employing people certified by MexicoFIRST.

The Mexican Ministry of the Economy together with The World Bank designed and supports MexicoFIRST (M1) as a nonprofit civil association. MexicoFIRST has been created in alignment to global best practices. Its operation is led by the Mexican Electronics Telecommunications and Information Technologies Industries Chamber (CANIETI), together with the Mexican IT Industry Association (AMITI) and the National Association of IT Educational Institutes (ANIEI).


To provide IT and BPO specialists with favorable means to obtain world-class certifications for global recognition of their talent, as an excellent option in order to satisfy both present and future requirements by linking the indsustry needs with the work of academia.


1. Achieve at least 60,000 certified specialists by 2013
2. Incorporate at least 2 out of every 10 IT career graduates nationwide
3. To update and improve academic programs
4. To extend the English language learning
5. Promote the enrollment in IT careers, while decreasing drop-outs
6. Improve teacher’s training
7. Develop specialization areas
8. Reinforce collaboration between the private sector and academia


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